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"These people are tenacious and professional. They fought for us on the individual merits of our case and did not take 'No' for an answer. We truly expected nothing but received an honest settlement and validation for my medical situation." — Jim T. of Arkansas

"For anyone finding themselves or a beloved family member in a situation that requires a personal injury law firm, you could not find a better team of lawyers than Matthews & Associates. I have been treated with the utmost kindness and respect."

Angela E. of Washington

"At the time I became a client of The Matthews Law Firm, I was going through the most traumatic time in my life. My husband was found deceased at home just after Christmas by our young son. He had died of a massive M.I. Although he had some health issues, no one, including his physician, was prepared for such an outcome. That was before anyone knew of the harm caused by some of his medications. The pharmaceutical companies knew of the danger of these drugs but, of course, they didn’t want to share this with the public or, for that matter, physicians who prescribed their drugs. I didn’t know where to turn when I first heard of the side effects of some of his medicines, so I sought out the best firm I could find. I am thankful that I was put in touch with the Matthews Law Firm in Houston to bring a company such as a pharmaceutical giant to justice; you must find someone who can afford to take the case and is an expert in such matters. Not all attorneys could, or would, pursue a wrongful death or personal injury case. I have never had to worry or wonder if their attorneys and staff are up to the painstaking tasks involved; their credentials and case results speak for themselves. Through the efforts of the Matthews Law Firm, I feel I am still working to bring some type of closure to my husband’s untimely death. It is a feeling of gratification that I have done the best I can do for the years my son and’ I have to endure without Sammie." — Mary H. of Texas

"Each person who worked on my case at Matthews & Associates, from the support staff to the attorneys, was extremely professional. No matter what time of day it was, if I had a question about anything, whether it be about the legal process or pertaining to my case specifically, they had honest answers. Throughout the entire process, I felt included in decisions that needed to be made and the attorneys always made sure I was informed about what was going on. Along the way, I never felt like I was unimportant, they made me feel as comfortable as possible discussing the details of my case, and often times they asked for my prospective on things and took what I said into consideration. I didn’t have any expectations going into this, but I really couldn’t have dreamed up a better legal team or had a better experience than what I had with Mr. Matthews and all of his staff." — Lindsey G. of Texas

"The very best attorneys I’ve ever had, David Matthews is very dependable and straight to the point. He will call you back in a righteous time. He really cares about his client! Can’t put a price on kindness. You will love working with him. Attorney David Matthews, you are truly heavensent! The world should thank God for you." — Vivian J. of Tennessee

"I lost my husband 5-16-2010 and I am trying to recover. It’s hard to be alone again. I miss him very much. Everyone at the firm I talked to was great. Kim has been my biggest help. I would let everyone know that you are caring people and you are for the people who are hurting from the loss of a loved one. Keep up the great work. Thank you Kim and everyone."

Deborah B. of Ohio

"Thank you for communication during the Trasylol case for my wife. Your phone calls to communicate the status of the case or explain and answer my questions were greatly appreciated by my wife and me. . . I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the outcome and settlement that Matthews & Associates obtained for my wife. I have complete confidence in the firm and would seek their legal service again."

Elwyn L. of Nebraska

"I cannot say enough good things about the service I received from Matthews & Associates, more specifically from three of your colleagues. They should be highly commended for their efficiency, expertise, and their comprehensive knowledge of the work they do. They always maintained the highest level of professionalism while at the same time demonstrating extraordinary support, thoughtfulness, respect, and compassion. They went above and beyond the call of duty, never wavering from their commitment. . . I was always kept apprised of any new developments and/or set-backs, but more importantly, I was never given a sense of false hope or anticipation; as a matter of fact it was quite the opposite. (They) gave me a sense of security and confidence that I had the best representation possible. Matthews & Associates demeanor and hard work have completely changed my view and perception of attorneys in general. Kudos and many thanks to Matthews & Associates and many thanks, appreciation and love to Rachal, Angela, and Sandra."

Meryl L. of California

"I wish to thank you and your crew for an outstanding job vis-à-vis Seroquel settlement." — Jack W. of Maryland

"Matthews & Associates has been everything I could ever hope for in a personal injury law firm. Before Matthews & Associates looked into my case, my only hope was to make the best recovery I could after the condition Seroquel left my body in. But Matthews & Associates brought justice and peace into my life by allowing Astra Zeneca to see the wrong they did to me and many others. Thank you Matthews & Associates." — Dalton D. of Virginia

"I think that Matthews & Associates is a very good personal injury law firm. Because I was injured, they got me the financial help that I needed." — Frankie G. of Connecticut

"The procedure was casual and efficient and friendly. I didn’t have to work too hard (but I expected I would). My husband had a lot of records, which helped." — Jeanne P. of Maine

"You are very good and knowledgeable about your field of practice and you get results."

Linda F. of Kentucky

"Thank you for your letter and informing me of the progress that you and your firm are doing on my behalf. I also want to thank everybody who has and is working to set right from what has been sorely wronged. Job well done."

John W. of Texas

"I very much appreciate all your services your office provided. You are all very nice, professional, and trustworthy company. I have had two cases with your office and I’m very pleased with the outcome. I’ve never trusted any lawyers up until I have had the pleasure of working with your office. I would recommend Matthews & Associates law firm as your “Representative.” They are a trustworthy, professional, and very dedicated law firm with extremely nice attitudes. I’ve never had trust in law offices until I had the pleasure in working with Matthew & Associates." – Sonjia V. Of California

Everyone was very helpful. Lezzlie and Lila were especially helpful in our gadolinium case. They always explained everything very well. I would recommend Mtthews & Associates Law Firm to anyone. – Luther L. of Texas